Job Board Development Company

Job Boards have literally changed the dimension and methodology of the recruitment and Job search functionality. Such Job boards have made it easier for the employer and Job seekers to group together on a common platform to avail the best of the opportunities. This is the reason why most organizations are dependent on right Job Portals to acquire the right resources as per there requirements. This is same with the job seekers who now choose to apply more online to get there choice of employers. Web Portals are becoming more popular these days to apply online than other means.

We at AJT Software Labs have customized the best available solutions pertaining to a high end Job Board, the features taken from various available Job portals and combined into one to formulate a killer combination. We have been working on these web technologies for a significant time and we like to help our customer by customizing the job portals to their requirements.

Being an experienced Web Development Company and Job Board Development company we give a dedicated approach towards the design, configuration, and seamless navigation, Employer and Job seeker’s interface and all those several features that churns out a successful Job Portal.


    •     Job alert Services
    •     Procedures for Multiple Job Applications
    •     To Crate resume avail the professional tips and expert’s advises.
    •     Upload Multiple Resumes at one click.
    •     Get 24×7 Support and Maintenance.
    •     Apply to Multiple Employers.
    •     Payment gateway enabled.
    •     Complete Administrator features and functionality.
    •     Job Search options using Boolean functionality and several related Keywords

If you are thinking of launching a New Job Board, than you will require someone more than who would just design your Job Board and walk away. You will need a company who can build one, knows how candidates and clients use them and knows how to launch them and is aware of the issues which you would be facing in the early years. You would also need someone who can get your idea into market and grow with you. If this is what you are looking for, than AJT Software Labs is your destination!!!

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